Day two has come and gone, and it marked the first Halloween related recipe on my Thirty Days of Halloween list! Most of the other recipes I have planned are desserts loaded with sugar, so cherish this one while it lasts.

Although I based my process heavily on this recipe, I adjusted it to become vegetarian-friendly. I left out the mushrooms, sauce, and (obviously) the meat, and made my own filling with tofu, fake ground beef, green bell peppers, onions, and some of the same seasonings.


The first step was to turn my orange bell peppers into jack-o-lanterns by using pretty much the same method you’d use on a pumpkin.


I cut off the tops, shaved some off the bottoms to create a flatter bottom to balance on, and scooped out the “guts.” Then came the fun part of drawing teeny tiny jack-o-lantern faces!

Jack-O-Lantern Jack-O-Lanterns

After popping the peppers into the oven by themselves, I started preparing the filling.

Cut Veggies

I made a pretty simple filling by dicing about half of an onion and one entire green bell pepper and sautéing them for a few minutes in vegetable oil. (Side note: I strongly believe that sautéing onions produces the best sound/scent combination ever. YUM!) 😀

I then mashed up some extra firm tofu and added it to the mix, added the seasonings, then poured in some of the fake ground beef.

When that was all combined and thoroughly heated, the final step was as easy as scooping the mixture into the (now cooked) peppers and serving. Ta-da!

Finished Pepper

Bonus picture: my pirate pepper after I took a bite…


Overall, the recipe wasn’t too complicated, and it allowed for a lot of adjustment according to your tastes and preferences. And look how cute that jack-o-lantern ended up being!

Tomorrow will be my first EVER attempt and making macarons. Check back in to see if I fail completely, or if my dreams of being in a baking & pastry arts program aren’t totally out of reach.


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