Today was a big day in completing the next item on my Thirty Days of Halloween list. First of all, because I tried an entirely new recipe of something I’ve never even considered attempting before. Secondly, because I’ve only eaten this food once before in my life (if I remember correctly), so I didn’t have a lot to compare my final product to.

So after a couple hours of googling how to pronounce this word, and the difference between it and its coconutty relative, I set out to make macarons entirely by hand. That included hand sifting through a strainer and hand beating an egg white. Hand beating. With my hand. And a whisk. For twenty minutes.

The recipe I used was pinned on Pinterest from here and originally found here (to save you some clicks).

I began with all of the same ingredients as listed on the website. No substitutions here, folks. Beating egg whites to the point of stiff peaks is hard enough, and I wasn’t about to try my first time using an egg replacer. Sorry, vegan friends. 😦


The almond flour was a tad bit pricey but I was excited to work with something different. Also, allspice is one of those things that I always recognized by scent and never knew the name of, and it reminds me of Christmas and the holiday season in general. So that was a pleasant surprise.

I wish I took a picture (or several) of my egg beating experience, but I’m pretty sure I would have dropped any camera I tried to pick up after twenty minutes of hand beating. I combined all the ingredients and piped into small circles onto parchment paper. I have no idea if they looked like they were supposed to, but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Raw Macarons

After letting them sit out for 30 minutes, the exterior of each unbaked cookie turned slightly crispy. So they were ready to be popped into the oven, where they stayed for 12 minutes (the higher end of the estimate on the website). In hindsight, I probably should’ve kept them in a little longer, because the insides were still a little gooey.

Baked Macarons

Those… sort of look like macarons… right??


This filling was a simple combination of cream cheese and pumpkin puree.

Macaron Open

Macaron Closed

The final product consisted of a cookie sandwich that was flaky on the outside, a little more gooey on the inside, and not too terribly sweet (but still extremely tasty).

Final Product

I have no idea how successful these were according to professional culinary standards, but I was definitely pleased with the result. How do you think they look?

Tomorrow is a VERY simple snack recipe, but it gives me an excuse to play around with decorative candy melts for the first time in my life, so it should be a fun one. See you then!


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