Today was a very lazy day, and unfortunately felt like a lazy recipe day in my Thirty Days of Halloween list. The end result made me feel like one of those blogs posting image comparisons of how their attempt at Pinterest ideas utterly failed. I hope they don’t look that bad.

This was mostly really simple, and I got the idea from here. You only need pretzels, orange candy melts, green candy melts, orange sugar sprinkles, small chocolate pieces… and honestly, you don’t even need all that. That’s just what I personally used. But this idea is really flexible and easy to adjust if you want to change anything.


This was my first time using Candy Melts, and I honestly don’t know if I melted them correctly. They seemed to remain pretty thick once melted, but I was scared to overheat them and the bowl they were in was already too hot to handle. So that was my first of several errors.

I was planning on coloring my own sugar with food dye, but found some orange sugar sprinkles I had left over from an old project, so I used that. Another little hint into my laziness today.

photo 5 photo 4

The chocolate pieces I used were broken up pretty messily. And then — another indication of my laziness — I felt silly melting the green candy melts just for a couple pretzel pieces, so I roughly broke those apart too. So the end result looked… kind of messy.

photo 2 photo 3

But what can I say? They were still yummy.

photo 1

Tomorrow can’t be a lazy day, because I have a somewhat complex sugar cookie recipe. I planned these for tomorrow so that Dillon could take extras to work on Monday/Tuesday if need be. And need will definitely, uh, be.

See you tomorrow!


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