The first time I told Dillon I was doing a “Bat Mobile,” he got really excited, expecting me to replicate a sleek car. Unfortunately, I’m not doing that kind of bat mobile…

Using this website as a guide, I sketched out a shape for half of a bat, and then traced it again a few times.

photo 1

After cutting them all out, I bent them in the center (where there was already a fold) and then again to create the wings.

photo 3 photo 2

After that it was as simple as choosing a method of hanging (I chose thin black thread and scotch tape) as well as choosing a location.

photo 1photo 5 photo 4

Really easy, right? And yet it happens to be one of my favorite things on the list so far.

Speaking of which, tomorrow’s craft is SUPER awesome and I’m EXTRA excited for it which means there’s a TON of pressure for it to come out okay. I already prepared one of the steps tonight (so that it could dry). I can’t wait to show you guys the end result!

And before I bid you goodnight, here’s a bonus picture of my final product bat mobile above some Walking Dead reruns.

photo 2


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