Catching up!


Hey, folks!

So as (I think) I mentioned previously, I headed to the other coast for a few days to photograph a wedding. But I’ll be honest: I wasn’t as productive as I imagined I would be with my Thirty Days of Halloween list.


The goal of this project is to celebrate Halloween throughout the entire month of October, and I do feel like I’ve been doing that every single day, regardless of whether or not those things were on my list.

The wedding itself was heavily fall themed, and many of the foods had pumpkin in them. I’ve been watching some scary TV shows and I even had a themed donut from Dunkin Donuts (because you can’t get them in California!).

In addition to that, I did start several of the crafts I had on my list. I am now in the process of catching up and finishing as many of them as possible.

So in the next few days I plan on writing some compiled blog posts on several crafts that I’m almost done completing: a skull string art project, Halloween clipart garlands, a spiderweb table runner, a spooky toilet decoration, spider paper dolls, stair mice decorations, and window silhouettes. I’m going to work on those until later this weekend, when I’ll hopefully be caught up and can line myself back up with my actual list.

So! Look forward to some condensed blogs on those, and then after that check back for some yummy new recipes.

In the meantime, check out some of my previous Halloween costumes.

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