DAYS 8 & 9!


In my attempt to still have done at least one thing per day in October, I’m going to categorize these blog posts into days, even though that isn’t exactly how they ended up. So this post will contain two different crafts I’ve completed, representing days 8 and 9. 🙂

The first might be my favorite so far. It required some supplies that were slightly harder to find, but I think it was worth it in the end. And it wasn’t necessary to have any fancy skills… just some patience to work on it.

My first step in the process was cutting a rounded shape out of black cardstock and affixing it to this wooden piece using mod podge, and then letting it dry overnight.


Look at that! Already lookin’ pretty neat.

Then I sketched a skull shape based on the one used here, and taped that onto the wooden mount. I also drew some dots around the outline of the skull, the eyes, the nose, and the mouth, but ended up not following them as they were a little too close together for my liking.


The next step took a while because I like doing crafty things at night but can’t when that crafty thing involves a loud thing. Hammering nails into a piece of wood wasn’t exactly an 11pm activity.


Sweet! Looks cool. At this point I tore up the paper sketch, and began wrapping thin white thread around the nails. I first outlined each part (whole skull, each eye, nose, mouth) and then wrapped zig-zagging lines between each part without going inside of the eyes, nose, or mouth. This part was a bit tedious but it was just brainless enough that I could throw on a rerun (or two) of The Walking Dead and just work on it for a couple hours.


It’s not the most perfect skull string art anyone’s ever made, but I’m still really proud of it. It took dedication to spend several hours on it and it ended up looking pretty neat! It’s a great Halloween decoration addition to our bookshelf.


Day 9’s craft was a SUPER easy papercraft. It was as simple as tracing out a certain shape, cutting it out of black cardstock, and taping it onto a toilet!



Spoooooky! Or, kinda cute.

I’m more than halfway done with at least two more projects, so hopefully I’ll have a few more to blog about tomorrow!


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