DAYS 10 & 11!


To add to my growing list of Halloween related papercraft decorations, the next two days will be filled with these simple projects. The first was inspired by this post, and the second was taken from here.

The clipart shapes that I used were the same from the original blog I found the idea in, but it would be pretty easy to sketch up different ones. These tend to be more cute-Halloween than spooky-Halloween, which is fun.


Instead of cutting out the features, I used a metallic silver sharpie to make things a little easier.


After that it was as simple as taping them onto pieces of thread in alternating patterns, and hanging them up somewhere cool! The taped thread was a little more obvious than I would have liked, but it was an easy solution so I stuck with it.


The next project already had templates made, but I sketched my own to save time and printer ink. Again, it was as simple as cut and tape! And now our apartment is filled with spooky little mice 😀




Tomorrow’s blog post should be on a few more easy crafts that you can use to decorate your home for the holiday. After that, I’m doing a great recipe for Halloween bark that I’m super excited to try!

Thanks for tuning in! ❤


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