DAYS 12 & 13!


Another two simple crafts are covered in today’s post, found from here and here, respectively. Dillon mentioned to me that our apartment is getting a little more decked out in Halloween decorations each day. I think he likes them, but I also think I need to start watching some movies and making some recipes because otherwise our whole place will soon be swallowed up by spiderwebs and skeletons.

The first one is a take on connected paper dolls. I wasn’t sure I’d have any paper long enough, but then I realized I still had an old page from my wall calendar lying around as scrap paper!


So I cut and folded the paper into the right size, and then traced a spider drawing from the template found on the page mentioned above.


The next step is easy! Just cut through all the layers after you’ve folded it like an accordion.


I did this another time with a skull and crossbone design because it’s so stinkin’ easy to do.


The second project is another easy one, but I felt bad having to use new materials. When I can, I reuse old scrap paper, fabrics, etc. But I couldn’t exactly use an old, already used garbage bag for this one… so. You gotta pick your battles.


Cut a square, fold the bag, draw a design, and cut!



The bark recipe will be made tomorrow, so the blog post about it will come late tomorrow night or Tuesday! Also, I’ll be posting another weekly recap vlog on my YouTube channel on Tuesday, so check that out!


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