DAYS 14 & 15!


One craft and one recipe for you today! Finally changing things up a bit.

So I finally finished the table runner I started making a week or so ago. It wasn’t complicated, but there was a lot of tedious cutting involved. Because I like to reuse/recycle materials, I used some scrap fabric for this one so it isn’t exactly perfect around the edges. But regardless, I still think it looks pretty cool.

photo 1

photo 4


As for the recipe, I decided on this candy corn Halloween bark (even though I don’t really like candy corn and technically shouldn’t be eating it because it contains gelatin). I had never made bark before, but the website made it seem that all that was involved was throwing a bunch of yummy stuff together and binding it all with candy melts or melted chocolate.


I used some white chocolate M&Ms (that were white, orange, and yellow) and left out the sprinkles because I couldn’t find any at the nearest grocery stores.


I ran out of the white candy melts, but had some orange left over from a different recipe, so I used that as well.


The end result was pretty tasty (but EXTREMELY sweet). But it looked pretty cool! I don’t think I messed anything up too badly. 🙂 I did learn, however, that next time I need to make sure the candy melts really melt into the candies so that it all binds together super well.

IMG_4496 IMG_4495

Bonus picture of candy corn in candy corn:



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