DAYS 16, 17, & 18!


Slowly but surely making my way through October.

In today’s post, I’ve got three crafts for you, including one I’ve been working on as part of my Halloween costume!

The first was inspired by this post, and reminded me greatly of a decoration my parents used to have for their house. I bought some simple styrofoam spheres from a crafts store, some small “eye” screws from a hardware store, and ended up getting white mesh instead of cheesecloth. That last part wasn’t the greatest idea, but I made it work.


After drawing some sets of eyes on the styrofoam balls, it was as simple as layering the mesh on top, screwing in the “eye” screw, and cutting and tearing the bottom of the mesh until it looked rough and messy.


As you can see, the mesh was much firmer than expected (and also much more transparent than the cheesecloth would have been) so I tied the layers with some white thread.


It ended up looking pretty cute, I think. But I’m definitely going for the cheesecloth next time.

The second craft came from this blog, and was really fun to do. I got some orange flannel fabric and got to work.


It was pretty easy to eyeball the measurements and adjust accordingly. And I had leftover black fabric from last year’s Halloween costume so I made the face from that.


Super cute! And I have enough fabric to do this for at least one more of our couch pillows, and possibly two. I love this because it’s themed and festive but still totally practical and usable. (The flannel material is so soft and comfy!)

Last but not least, I’ve been working on my Halloween costume, one step at a time. I bought a mask from Amazon that’s the perfect style and size, but the color was a little off. So I’ve been coloring it in with a metallic silver sharpie to give it a more shiny silver look to match the fabric I bought to make the dress out of. The next step is to go in with a pencil or another darker silver/grey color and fill in the shading it originally had.


The rest of this weekend will be spent (hopefully) working on the dress part of my costume, as well as making a couple more recipes on my list.


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