Glowing Eyes Craft!


I was inspired to do this decoration by this blog, and had already been collecting empty paper towel rolls for some other crafts, so I had most of the supplies already.

I started with some 99 cent glow sticks from CVS and a few paper towel rolls. You could use toilet paper rolls too, but I wasn’t sure if my glow sticks were short enough that they wouldn’t be sticking out of the ends.


I sketched some eye patterns similar to the ones on the blog post and then roughly cut them out. This was actually harder than you’d think, unless you have really sharp scissors. I alternated back and forth between dull scissors and a box cutter and it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

IMG_4625 IMG_4626

With the glow sticks placed inside, they looked really neat! This is definitely something you can try with different colored glow sticks as well, although the monochrome green looks pretty cool too.


Needless to say my Halloween spirit doesn’t end after October 31st. I can’t wait to show you a couple more things I have yet to do on my list!



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