Howdy folks! I hope you’re having a lovely November so far, and that you aren’t missing Halloween too much (though goodness knows I am).

I thought today I’d show off some pictures of the jack-o-lanterns that Dillon and I made this year! I feel like I must’ve carved pumpkins when I was younger, but I don’t have many memories of it, and definitely don’t have a lot of experience as an adult doing it. So it was fun to finally try it out!

We started with two cute pumpkins from Trader Joe’s. The ones at other stores were either too large or way too small, but these were a good size.


Scooping all the “guts” out took longer than I expected, but it was worth it (and we ended up baking the pumpkin seeds later… they were delicious!).


I was making a jack-o-lantern with a Jack Skellington face (from Nightmare Before Christmas). I sketched a rough outline of one of his more evil looking faces and began carving.


We were using both kitchen knives and a small, cheap “power saw” that I bought at Walgreens for like $6 that ran on four AA batteries. It jammed easily and often, but was definitely a nice tool to have on hand when our knives were a little too large to sink into the outside of the pumpkin.


I also bought us some little LED candle lights (since our apartment wouldn’t be too happy with us using actual candles). The end results were super cute! Pictured below is my Jack Skellington, along with Dillon’s: the character Tim from video game “Braid.”



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